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Welcome to SouthHollowMC's rules page!
Click on the tabs above to see the different sections of the rules.

Useful links:

  • Character Spam - Spamming 7 or 7+ letters, or repeating the same messages 3 times in a row. 
  • Player Disrespect - Flaming or disrespecting a player.
  • Staff Disrespect - Flaming or disrespecting a staff.
  • Inappropriate Content - Explicit conversation/R rated conversation.
  • Filter Bypass - Bypassing filter using random symbols and/or removing/adding letters to bypass.
  • Staff Impersonation - Pretending or Saying you are a staff.
  • Lying/Wasting Staff time - Self Explanatory.
  • Posting Unrelated URLS - Posting unrelated URLS that don't relate to SouthHollowMC.
  • Harassment - Harassing anyone for an extended amount of time.
  • Flame Wars - Participating in flame wars.
  • Lying/Wasting Staff time - Self Explanatory.
  • Account farming - Killing alt accounts to boost your kills or to gain any advantage etc.
  • Bug Abusing - Abusing a bug without reporting to staff.
  • Tp Killing - Using /tpa or any other methods to kill another player.
  • Inappropriate Names or Skins - Self Explanatory.
  • No VPNs - Any usage of VPN’s while on the server.
  • No inappropriate builds - Self Explanatory.
  • No Irl Deals - No trading in game items or items in another game or IRL money.
  • Obstructing Staff - Preventing staff from doing their job.
  • Intentionally Creating Lag - Doing something to create lag based on malicious intent.
  • Advertising - Advertising other servers or self promoting.
  • Scamming - Lying or going back on any deals etc. (Scamming)
  • DDoS threats/Dox threats - Threatening or actually ddosing/ddoxing.
  • Racial Slurs - Any form of racial slurs or similarities to racial slurs.
  • Suicide Encouragement - Promoting/encouraging suicide or making fun of suicide.
  • No griefing - Griefing someone’s Island, Land, Home, or Shop. (Not yours don't touch it)
  • Hacking - Using a hacked client to gain an unfair advantage.
  • No unapproved macros/mods - Using an unapproved macro or mod to gain an unfair advantage.
  • Chargeback - Charging back on a purchase.
  • Alt evading punishment - Hopping on an alt account to evade a mute/ban.