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IGN: TheOnlineWorld
by TheOnlineWorld » about 1 year ago




- Added x1 blank map to the starter kit

- Mob Coins

  - Zombies, Skeletons, Blazes have a 5% chance of dropping a coin

  - Creeper, Endermen have a 8% chance of dropping a coin

  - Silverfish have a 12.5% chance of dropping a coin

  - Wither Bosses have a 50% chance of dropping a coin

    - Mob Coin Shop (/mobcoins)

    - /mobcoins withdraw ####



- Changed hopper tick times

- Refined entity clear lag

- Spawners now stack up to x1000

- Spawners do not require the appropriate light or darkness now



- Player Shop Rentals

- Chess Mini-game

    - A two player mini-game located in the spawn.

    - /warp chess

    - Added placeholders in scoreboard to show your # of wins

- Donor Kits

- Boosters (Money, MobCoins, XP)

  - Personal boosters can be purchases for in game balance

  - Global Boosters will be for sale on the donation site