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Pronouns: He/Him/His
IGN: rextex3000
2 months ago

This update's goal is to heavily refine the general experience.

- Edited the spawn to add new content.
- Simplified arena join broadcast.
- Increased arena countdown time to 12 seconds.
- Brought signs and hats forward in order to be more accessible.
- Moved NPCs to more sensible locations.
- Improved join/leave action bar messages.
- Added more diverse color theming throughout the whole server.
- Added a Labyrinth beneath the spawn for players to explore.

Map Changes:
- Added more light to MEGA style maps like Bedroom, Living Room, Bathroom and Kitchen.

Bug Fixes:
- Straightened the leaderboard NPCs
- Fixed the leaderboard displaying wrong top balance information

TR HubHere's the new lobby design!

-Martin 💖