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How to create a shop

How to create a Shop

To get started with creating a chest shop on the new survival season you will need a chest and a sign.

Step 1: Place your chest

Step 2: Create the shop sign

Step 3: Hit the sign with the item you wish to sell or buy

Explaining the Line of each sign

Barter Shops:

  1. [shop]
  2. [3] - the amount of items going to the barter (buyer)
  3. [2] - the amount of items you receive
  4. barter - shop type

Note: the first item you click the sign with will be the items going to the other player

Buy Shops:

  1. [shop]
  2. [3] - the number of items you are buying
  3. [2] - how much you are paying for the items
  4. buy - shop type

Sell Shops:

  1. [shop]
  2. [3] - the number of items you are selling
  3. [2] - the price of the items
  4. sell - shop type