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 Skyblock beta •   TheOnlineWorld
 1160 •  12 months ago

Hey all,

as you may have noticed in discord and twitter we are now accepting beta players to skyblock. All you have todo is react with an apple in the #announcements channel


hope to see you all on our release day coming very soon

Hello all,

 today we are opening a new position on the staff team this role (@Design Team) would be responsible for designing the format of all announcements both in-game and in Discord, as well as formatting all menus in game. Just do `-new application` in #bot-commands 


Helper Applications 
 First you should look over this link. It outlines all of the Helpers positions to apply and be accepted. 
Secondly you'll need to copy and paste the application

 Survival 3.23.20 •   TheOnlineWorld
 637 •  about 1 year ago




- Added x1 blank map to the starter kit

- Mob Coins

  - Zombies, Skeletons, Blazes have a 5% chance of dropping a coin

  - Creeper, Endermen have a 8% chance of dropping a coin

  - Silverfish have a 12.5% chance of dropping a coin

  - Wither Bosses have a 50% chance of dropping a coin

    - Mob Coin Shop (/mobcoins)

    - /mobcoins withdraw ####



- Changed hopper tick times

- Refined entity clear lag

- Spawners now stack up to x1000

- Spawners do not require the appropriate light or darkness now



 Forums Are Open •   TheOnlineWorld
 485 •  about 1 year ago

Welcome to the SouthHollowMC Forums,

This is where we will be posting our Changelogs as well as all other importan announcements.

Please keep in mind that these are still WIP and are being continously updated.

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