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Natural Disasters Update 12/4/2021
 TheOnlineWorld •   about 1 month ago •  107



2 New maps added




Loot Rebalancing

Enderpearls made slightly rarer

Elytra has been made rarer and +8 durability

Fireworks have gotten slightly rarer

Loot chests have been made slightly rarer


6 Maps Removed






Layered City


Keep in mind, just because a map has been removed doesn't mean its gone forever, and it may be added back in the future.

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TNT Run 10/1/2021 - v1.4
 rextex3000 •   4 months ago •  281

This update's goal is to heavily refine the general experience.

- Edited the spawn to add new content.
- Simplified arena join broadcast.
- Increased arena countdown time to 12 seconds.
- Brought signs and hats forward in order to be more accessible.
- Moved NPCs to more sensible locations.
- Improved join/leave action bar messages.
- Added more diverse color theming throughout the whole server.
- Added a Labyrinth beneath the spawn for players to explore.

Map Changes:
- Added more light to MEGA style maps like Bedroom, Living Room, Bathroom and Kitchen.

Bug Fixes:
- Straightened the leaderboard NPCs
- Fixed the leaderboard disp...

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 TheOnlineWorld •   5 months ago •  497

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TNT Run v1.2 | 6/20/21
 rextex3000 •   7 months ago •  537

- Added quick-warp pressure plates to better access the signs, even though most use the menus or auto-join functionality. However, I still want to bring the signs closer at some point.

Gameplay Fixes:
- Fixed double jumps. Players now get 1 free default double jump per round.
- Removed arena time limits.
- Removed the shop. We're talking with the plugin developer to make important changes to it, such as being able to disable it for only non-PvP arenas and being able to do more with purchases.

Map Fixes:
- Edited Biomes/PVPBiomes | Replaced TNT blocks, removed berry bushes, changed some designs, made inaccessible areas easier to see.
- Edited DesertTemple/PVPDesertTemple...

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TNT Run v1.0.1 | 6/7/21
 rextex3000 •   8 months ago •  423


- Updated /tr command alias to support new changes.

- Game dependency updates.

- Removal of unnecessary dependencies.



- Parties feature added. Explore it with /tr party. NOTE: This is a different system than our network-wide party system.

- Players who were not originally part of the round are now allowed the spectate arenas.


Bugs Fixed:

- An issue where leaderboard area skins wouldn't load, would unload and not come back, or just wouldn't display the correct skin in general.

- An issue where players would be able to flip trap doors, or otherwise mess with intractable switches.

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