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Rules & Guidelines

By connecting to SouthHollowMC, you agree to all of the rules below.

SouthHollowMC strives to be an enjoyable and safe environment for all those in our community. To achieve this, we have formulated specific rules and corresponding punishments that are enforced by our staff team. If you see an individual neglecting any of the following and there are no staff members present, then make sure to submit a player report.

The first three offences are listed below each rule. Exceptions may be made for special circumstances. If you feel you were punished for an invalid reason, we must ask you to refrain from making a commotion and instead submit an appeal in the correct section.

Staff can punish for extended lengths of time depending on severity, and some rules may not be documented on this page.

Players are expected to familiarize themselves with the rules upon utilizing any of our services;

"I didn't know that was against the rules"

This will not be accepted as an appeal or excuse in any case.
You are responsible for your account, and thus anyone who can get on it. This means any punishments issued to your account while another player is using it are linked to your account.

Anything said outside of SouthHollowMC services may be up for punishment too, if it's extreme and confirmed by management. We also do punish for personal messages, faction messages and other private message formats.

"My sibling logged into my account and did that"

This is not a valid excuse and will not be accepted in an appeal. If there is any way of proving this, please reach out to the staff member that punished you.

"I do not see the rule I was banned for"

If you are banned for a rule that isn't stated on this page, it still is a ban that counts and you will not be pardoned because of that.

Tier One Offences
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  • Spamming - Capital Letters
    • This is allowed in areas of private communication (including plot chats, town chats and PMs). You will only be punished if it's in public chat.
  • Spamming
    • Characters
    • Command
    • Message
  • Swearing
  • Foreign Language Use - in public chat
Tier Two Offences
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  • Innapropriate chat
  • Swearing
Tier Three Offences
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  • Player Disrespect
  • Harrasment
  • Innapropriate Builds and Displays
  • Abuse of Ticket System
Tier Four Offences
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  • Bug Abuse
  • Discrimation
  • Encouraging Harm
  • Griefing
  • In-Game Scamming
  • TP Trapping / Killing
Tier Five Offences
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  • Innapropriate Username
  • Hacked Client (Dissalowed modifications)
  • Advertising
  • Ban Evasion
  • IRL Scamming
  • Leaking personal information
  • Serious Threats