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Privacy & Data

Data Transparency

At SouthHollowMC, we deeply care about being transparent with our players. You may be concerned by the book that pops up when you first join that prompts you to accept a data collection policy. This document will explain why we collect data, what exactly we collect, how you can view your information, and your options for data removal.


Why do we collect data?

We need your data in order to provide our service. Most servers won't alert players that they are collecting data. At SouthHollowMC, we want to be as transparent as possible. This is why we're letting you know so you can make a decision.

Key Points

  1. Our proxy software (Velocity) needs certain data to work properly.
  2. Our server software (Purpur) needs certain data to work properly.
  3. Our in-house developed security software needs certain data to work properly.
  4. We will NEVER sell your data to 3rd parties.
  5. If we work with 3rd parties, we will inform you and allow you to make the decision about sharing your data.

We are unable to provide a safe and secure space for players without this. Thank you for understanding.

It’s important to know that all Minecraft servers collect data. When you login, your player information is sent to Mojang servers by our server. They then tell us if you are a legitimate player or not. If so, allow you to join. This happens on every online-mode: true server. This is built into all server software, including the official software provided by Mojang.

What EXACTLY are you collecting?

The following will indicate what data is collected and who can see it in those instances.

  • What Data | Who can see that data | How is it accessable
  • Punishment History | All Staff | In-game administrative command
  • MC Username and UUID | All Staff, Mojang | In-game administrative command, secure dashboard, console
  • Actions History | All Staff | In-game administrative command
    • (Chat, placing blocks, opening containers, etc).
  • Playtime, Ping, Sessions, etc. | Owners, Operators, Managers | In-game administrative command, secure dashboard.
  • IP Address | Owners, Operators | In-game administrative command, console.

What does my information look like for you?

Here is a screenshot of a player profile based off our system

What does my login look like in the proxy?

Here's an edited screenshot (to redact the IP address) of what it looks like in our console when a player logs in.

Why do you collect more data than the bare minimum?

We can combine additional information to generate reports on the health of our community. For example, this chart shows the amount of players becoming very active, active, regular, irregular, and inactive. We can use this data to get a greater understanding of what's going on in the community.


How can I view my data?

There is currently no way for you to view this data as it is all secured within our systems. If we get enough requests, we may build a secure system for viewing this information. Until then, you should be satisfied with knowing exactly what we collect as explained above.

How can I delete my data?

Deleting some data is nearly impossible, such as when we send data to Mojang to authenticate your session. Because of this, our wording is "Can we continue to collect data?"
However, time is on your side. As we upgrade our systems, create new servers, and manually remove old data, your data is likely to be deleted within the timespan of a year if you don't login.