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What mods are allowed?

What mods are allowed?

Minecraft modifications or simply "mods" are a large part of the Minecraft experience for many players. They can be simple performance improvements and visual tweaks to gameplay-altering ones. With the vast variety and functionality of mods out there, it can be confusing to know which ones are and aren't allowed. This guide will outline what mods and clients can be used while playing on SouthHollow.

Important Note: Before using any modifications please be aware that all use of modifications on our server is at your own risk, including the ones we list as examples in this guide. This is because we can't review every version of every modification, and as such, we cannot provide any guarantees of modifications being within our server rules.

Please ensure any modifications you do install are obtained from legitimate sources such as the creator's website, GitHub, etc. Unofficial downloads from other sources may not behave as expected. They could contain bugs, unadvertised features (which could result in punishments on our server), or even malware

Allowed Clients

  • Default/Vanilla
  • Optifine
  • Lunar | You must disable client features that may give you an unfair advantage over users who dont use that client.

Allowed Mods

  • Optifine Permitted
  • Toggle Sprint Permitted
  • Minimap and Maps Permitted
  • Armor and Potion HUDs Permitted
  • Gamma Permitted
  • Schematica Permitted
  • Damage Indicators Permitted
  • Image Uploading Mods Permitted
  • Inventory Tweaks Permitted
  • Co-Ordinate Mods Permitted
  • Saturation Mods Permitted
  • Cape Mods Permitted
  • Client Side Chat Mods Permitted
  • Shaders Permitted

What if a mod or client isn't listed?

Assume you can't use it, even if you believe it complies with our rules.

Want a mod or client added?

We have limited experience with these clients and mods. As such, we may sanction features that we have limited knowledge about. You can contact a staff member and showcase how a certain client feature should/n't be allowed so we can create a more specific usage list.

  • Disclaimer
    The SouthHollow network does not endorse any of the mods named above, which are provided solely as examples of commonly used modifications on our server. We (SouthHollow) are not the developers of any of the named modifications, unless explicitly noted, and we do not have control over those modifications.
  • We are not responsible for the behavior or actions of any modification, which may be updated or changed (even automatically) at any time by their individual developers.

Last Updated 2/21/22

Why can't I see the cosmetics?

Why can't I see the cosmetics?

SouthHollow automatically distributes a custom designed resource pack to players to enhance their in-game experience.
Sometimes, the pack doesn't load correctly because the client has it disabled.


Enabling Resource Packs

Find SouthHollowMC on your server list, select it, and click on "Edit Server". The following screen should appear.


Click on the "Server Resource Packs" until it says "Enabled". Finally, click done and then join the server.

Punishment Appeals

You can find more information about your punishment @ https://bans.southhollow.net/

Use the #support channel to create a !ticket and use the below format


2. Minecraft Ign: (IGN)

3. Do you think your ban was reasonable: (YES OR NO)

4. Who was the moderator that banned you: (IGN OF THE USER THAT BANNED/MUTED YOU)

5. Why were you banned: (THE REASON YOU WHERE BANNED/MUTED)

6. Why do you think you should be unbanned: (SHORT ESSAY ON WHY YOU THINK YOU SHOULD BE UNBANNED/UNMUTED)
How To Donate

How To Donate

If you would like to support SouthHollow financially, the best way is by donating to our PayPal.

1) Navigate to our PayPal page.

2) Click "Send"

3) Login to your PayPal account

4) Enter an amount you'd like to donate

5) Click "Continue" and then "Change" under "Paying for an item or service"

6) Select "Sending to a friend"

7) Click "Send Payment Now"

You're done! Thanks for supporting us.

How to create a Shop

To get started with creating a chest shop on the new survival season you will need a chest and a sign.

Step 1: Place your chest

Step 2: Create the shop sign

Step 3: Hit the sign with the item you wish to sell or buy

Explaining the Line of each sign

Barter Shops:

  1. [shop]
  2. [3] - the amount of items going to the barter (buyer)
  3. [2] - the amount of items you receive
  4. barter - shop type

Note: the first item you click the sign with will be the items going to the other player

Buy Shops:

  1. [shop]
  2. [3] - the number of items you are buying
  3. [2] - how much you are paying for the items
  4. buy - shop type

Sell Shops:

  1. [shop]
  2. [3] - the number of items you are selling
  3. [2] - the price of the items
  4. sell - shop type